MOPS Resale at The Naz
Preparing Items to Sell



  • Print tags from Salesmanager.
  • Price items in .50 cents increments(.50,1.00,1.50).
  • Attach tags to clothing using 1” or larger safety pins. You may also use a tagging gun. No straight pins, staples, or tape.
  • Pin tags to upper left corner of clothing (as if you are wearing it.
  • When tagging toys please use packing tape.
  • When tagging shoes please place them in a large bag and tape the tag on the bag, or you may use a zip tie. 
  • Items with more than one piece should be pinned together.
  • Tops and pants should be folded.
  • Coats, jackets, suits, and dresses should be placed on hangers. Make sure they are securely fastened to the hanger and that the hook of the hanger is facing toward the right shoulder

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